Monday, January 28, 2008

Jalwa Baqadr-e-Zarf-e-Nazar

Jalwa Baqadr-e-Zarf-e-Nazar
[By Jigar Moradabadi]

Jalwa baqadr-e-zarf-e-nazar dekhte rahe
Kya dekhte hum unko magar dekhte rahe

Apna hi aks pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe
Aaina ru-ba-ru tha jidhar dekhte rahe

Unki hareem-e-naaz kahaan aur hum kahaan
Naqsh-o-nigaar-e-parda-e-dar dekhte rahe

Aisi bhi kuch firaaq ki raatein guzar gayin
Jaise unhi ko pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe

Har lehza shaan-e-husn badalti rahi Jigar
Har aan hum jahaan-e-digar dekhte rahe

One of my favorites from Jigar, grows on you slowly but open to more than one interpretation. It reads so well as poetry sung to an earthly beloved - yet Jigar's verses often seem to imply Sufi angles and the meanings could apply to the Spiritual 'beloved'. In this ghazal in particular, the two layers of meaning flow through so seamlessly. Listen to it rendered by Abida Parveen here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008