Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mohabbat aur Kahani: Saleem Kausar

I was lucky to attend a live mushaira recently after quite a long time. The feeling of an interactive mushaira is quite amazing. Saleem Kausar was the last poet of the evening and recited some real gems. Here's a clip of the last two verses of his most famous ghazal: 

But what really caught my attention was his "Mohabbat aur Kahaani", which I couldn't record, but found in a raw video elsewhere, here: 

"Tumhein kaisay bataaein hum,
Mohabbat aur Kahaani mein koi rishtaa nahi hota,
Kahaani mein to hum waapas bhi aate hain
Mohabbat mein palatne ka koi rastaa nahi hota...
Kahaani ko kai kirdaar mil jul kar kahin aage chalaate hain,
Mohabbat apne kirdaaron ko khud aage barhaati hai..."