Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kya Kariye

Ab yahi hai qismat kya kariye
Jab yahi hai fitrat kya kariye

Hum haar chuke hain duniya ko
Ab uski waseeyat kya kariye

Hum chhorh chuke hain har koshish
Ab uski naseehat kya kariye

Hum deen ke ab na duniya ke
Sunnat-o-imaamat kya kariye

Hum keh bhi dein to hai sunta kaun
Ab sach ki ye jur'at kya kariye...

[Work in Siyaah]

Rough Translation

Now, this is our luck- what can one do?
When this is our nature- what can one do?

We have lost the world
Now the divine will- of what use?

We have given up every attempt
Now the divine advice- of what use?

We're neither of the spiritual nor of the material world
Divine traditions and divine leadership - of what use?

Even if we do speak out- does anyone listen?
Now this audacity for the truth- of what use?