Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nazar Wo Hai: Asghar Gondvi

Nazar Wo Hai

[by Asghar Gondvi]

Nazar wo hai ke jo kaun-o-makaan ke paar ho jaaye
Magar jab roo-e-taabaan par pade bekaar ho jaaye

Nazar us husn par thahre to aakhir kis tarah thahre
Kabhi jo phool ban jaaye, kabhi rukhsaar ho jaaye

Chalaa jaata hoon hansta khelta mauj-e-hawaadis se
Agar aasaaniyaan ho zindagi dushwaar ho jaaye...

Asghar Hussain (1884-1938) takes his takhallus from his home district Gonda, in the province of U.P., India, historically part of the Awadh culture. He is less known, but highly regarded for his relatively fewer works.

[Incidentally, the picture in the clip is from a couple of months ago, when I was crossing the border from Italy to Switzerland, passing through the Swiss Alps by train. Somehow felt like using it here...there is something about such pristine beauty. You can see the sky, the mountains, the water, and civilization at the edge, including a church...everything fits...]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In-between worlds

Wo bhi apna hai wahaan aur hum bhi uske hain yahaan,
Kya hua baaqi hai kuchh jo zindagi-e-darmiyaan.