Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ghazal Ka Saaz Uthao: Firaaq

Ghazal Ka Saaz Uthao

Ghazal ka saaz uthao - bari udaas hai raat
Nawaa-e-Meer sunaao - bari udaas hai raat

Kahen na tumse to phir aur kisse jaa ke kahen
Siyaah zulf ke saayon - bari udaas hai raat

Suna hai pehle bhi aise mein bujh gaye hain chiraagh
Dilon ki khaair manaao - bari udaas hai raat

Diye raho yuheen kuchh der aur haath mein haath
Abhi na paas se jaao - bari udaas hai raat

Firaaq's obsession with night comes through in several of his compositions - this is one of them. It's also an example of his beautiful use of simpler language. Should be fun to translate this one. The rendition by Jagjit Singh will certainly count as one of the best (luckily so many of these are already uploaded by others and I don't have to upload them):