Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Roshan Jamaal-e-Yaar Se: Hasrat Mohani

Roshan Jamaal-e-Yaar Se
By Hasrat Mohani [1875-1951]

Roshan jamaal-e-yaar se hai anjuman tamaam
Deheka hua hai aatish-e-gul se chaman tamaam

Hairat ghuroor-e-husn se shokhi se iztaraab
Dil ne bhi tere seekh liye hain chalan tamaam

Allah-re jism-e-yaar ki khoobi ke khud-ba-khud
Rangeeniyon mein doob gaya pairahan tamaam

Dekho to chasm-e-yaar ki jaadu nigaahiyaan
Behosh ek nazar mei hui anjuman tamaam

Sheerini-e-naseem hai soz-o-gudaaz-e-meer 
Hasrat tere sukhan pe hai lutf-e-sukhan tamaam...

Hasrat Mohani is generally known for his "chupke chupke" ghazal, but the other excellent works in his repertoire are rarely noted today. These include several patriotic as well as sufistic spiritual works. This particular ghazal has been a favorite of mine for a long time, particularly for its sufistic interpretation. Take your pick of the singing by Abida Parveen, Jagjit Singh, and Mehdi Hasan respectively below (though I find it is more powerful to hear without any possible visuals, which are unable to capture anything close to the idea...). Let's see how this one comes out in translation...