Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Agar Na Zohra Jabeenon: Jigar Moradabadi

Agar Na Zohra Jabeenon...
By Jigar Moradabadi.

Agar na zohra jabeenon ke darmiyaan guzre
To phir ye kaise kate zindagi kahaan guzre [1]

Mujhe ye waham raha muddaton ke jurrat-e-shauq
Kahin na khaatir-e-maasoom par geraan guzre [2]

Khata muaaf, zamaane se badgumaan ho kar
Teri wafaa pe bhi kya kya humein gumaan guzre [3]

Junoon ke sakht maraahil bhi teri yaad ke saath
Haseen haseen nazar aaye, jawaan jawaan guzre [4]

Mujhe tha shikwa-e-hijraan, ke ye hua mahsoos -
Mere qareeb se hokar wo naagahaan guzre [5]

Bohot azeez hain mujhko unhi ki yaad Jigar
Wo haadasaat-e-mohabbat jo naagahaan guzre [6]

One of my favourite ghazals by my all-time favourite poet, Jigar Moradabadi...seems I have been carrying it around for decades - especially [2], [3], and [5] touch a very special place that is quite unique and comes straight from the heart. Suddenly and unexpectedly (naagahaan), the right time has come to unburden and post it here...

The version sung by Vinod Sehgal has been with me for ever, and is unsurpassable. Found an mp3 here; surprisingly the full version isn't on youtube yet. 

Let's see if I can translate this well...will take time for sure...each word carries the weight of months and years...