Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wahin...kahin nahin...

Wahin ka wahin hun,
Aur kahin nahin hun.

[by Siyaah]
[how many interpretations possible for these two seemingly simple lines...?]


Anonymous said...

Wahin ka Wahin. At once the words give a sense of completeness in themselves- of being unmoved, untouched. Same as have always been. Neither moving ahead nor backwards. Reminds me of Ghalib somehow "Dard e minat kash e dava na hua. Mein na acha hua,bura na hua" ( hope I didn't 'butcher' the verse!) :/
"Aur kahin nahin" no where else. Right here. Has a sense of being and non being at the same time!

Siyaah said...

Anonymous: You have interpreted it well...thanks!