Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bachaana Hai

Sawaalon ko jawaabon se bachaana hai-
Khudaaon ko kitaabon se bachaana hai...

by Siyaah [work in progress]

Rough translation [with interpretation]:
Questions have to be protected from answers [some mysteries should remain mysteries rather than be attacked by easy answers]
Gods have to be protected from books [the idea of God has to be protected from the distortion that necessarily arises when it is written down in books, in contrast to seeking it through experience...].

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Humein to bas ab apne hi ash'aar pasand aate hain Siyaah
Baaqi - auron ka kalaam - sab jhooth sa lagta hai...

Rough translation:
Only my own verses do I like anymore, Siyaah
The rest - the penmanship of others - all seems false...

[Moments of pride confessed in their own verses are fairly common amongst Urdu poets - and somehow loved by their wonders why. Also, is this is a style unique to Urdu poets...]